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Tokyo Cream Puffs 7

Sleepy Asian Babe Wakes Up

35 Minutes · 12,365 Views

Cute Sexy Young Brunette Asian Doll Loves Pussy Massage

29 Minutes · 2,988 Views

Amazing Asian Chick Astonishing Body

30 Minutes · 4,227 Views

Movie Description

The Japanese girls just get hotter and the cream only gets thicker and sweeter too; as it oozes and drips from the vaginal ovens of hot young J-girls. Tokyo Cream Puffs #7 Directed by Ed "Melt in your Mouth" Hunter. Rin Yazawa is taking a quick nap when her man comes in and wakes her up. She is a sexy young J-babe with white soft skin and tiny pointy nipple tips. Her ass is thicker than the average J-ho. She grabs for some dick with her hands first and next with her mouth, before trying to titty fuck his dick with her next-to-nothing breast cleavage. Her pussy is of the highest Japanese quality- absolutely perfectly formed and filled to the brim with rich J-slush. The slightest of stimulation gets her screaming and dripping. She rides the hog bareback in multiple positions, using her tight body and flexible hips to suck cock in and out of her body. Her thick ass jiggles nicely as she gets it from behind. A super-sized J-vibe gets her cumming even harder and in multiple orgasms, as they take a little break from fucking while she sucks his cock, licks his balls, kisses his tits and rims his ass with her tongue. They romp hard, as her butthole cracks open and she screams and sucks up a milky load of cum with her now perfectly puffed up puss. He uses his finger to get her off again, letting his own cum serve as the lube needed to make it happen. She jumps in the shower and washes herself first before scrubbing his cock clean. Miyuki is a young chick with a big forehead and a cute smile. Her hair is jet black and so are her eyes. She has had sex with over 20 guys and is known for sucking a mean cock and having a tight J-slice. Her tits are very round and pronounced, with 2 textbook brown nipples on the ends. Her pussy is mostly cleanly shaven, with a few scattered hairs spanning from her bush down to her tush and in actuality, her vagina up close is anything but small and tight looking. It puckers and flares and opens to display its flesh raw inner workings. It fills with high quality J-soup, which our man does a fine job of flushing out with his skilled fingers. The mega J vibe gets warmed up and does a number on her hole and clit, while he stuffs a couple of fingers in her too for good measure. Her forehead stretches even longer, as she chokes down our dudes meat before bending over on all fours, sticking her chubby round ass in the air and taking a hard fucking from behind. Her legs work together with her hips to erotically suck his dick in and out of her. He lays her out and drives it home, blowing a milky one in her flowery fuck hole. She puckers once and it all gushes out and down to her plump asshole. She sucks his cock clean before using the shower head to flush the remaining cum out. Arika is taking a nap before being waken up by her boyfriend. She has dark hair and a very pretty body. Her tits are large, round and nearly perfect. They stand firm on her chest and are capped with tootsie roll shaped nipples that are very sensitive to the touch. Her pretty pussy is cleanly shaven and about as neatly formed as they come. Her symmetrical lips are cleanly split, opening to reveal a pinkish colored sap filled forest just waiting for pollination. It takes very little to get this chick off and the Super Japanese Vibrator certainly does the trick. It puffs her J-puss up before she laps up some extra cock for desert. Her oral skills are polished and she stares straight into the camera as she sucks away showing us her sexy BJ face. Her hungry cunt vacuums up cock as she squeaks and moans away while getting jammed. Her clit puffs and expands beyond its rated capacity, as he fertilizes her forest with a highly concentrated sprinkling of sperm, which oozes out of her puss and drains straight toward her puckering anus. Yuu Sakura is a first timer to video. She has pale skin and very long hair. She is very pretty with long legs and a welcoming smile. Two J-studs embrace her, warming her up as they strip her down. She has never had 2 guys at once and by the looks of her pointy nipples, she is ready and excited for the challenge. Her palm-sized perkies are the roundest things on this very skinny girl. Her j-box is warm and moist, topped with real J-fur and filled with all natural organic J-juice. One penis after the next enters her mouth before one after the other jam packs her fur-lined fuck hole. She gets tired quick, but still earns a high volume textbook creampie that gushes from her puss. The 2nd cock fills her up again, as stray pubic hairs cling to her cum soaked anus.