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Naughty Little Nymphos 16

Old Pervert Had Mind All The Time

21 Minutes · 1,636 Views

Girl Too Afraid To Sleep Alone

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Two Horny Guys Used Situation

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Guy Pulled His Already Hard Boner

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Movie Description

Slippin' & Slidin' |Poor little Tiffany was deprived of the fun of a home water slide when she was young. Isn't it great that she has an understanding step-dad who is willing to help this eager 18yo to realize her dream. It's a lot of fun to go slippin' and slidin' with a cock balls deep in your ass! |Too Scared To rest |Well, Hillary has gone and done it again. She watches these scary movies and is too afraid to go to bed. But, tonight her Mom's not around and she has to go cuddle with her step-dad. Maybe a stiff cock up her ass will take her mind off the horror movie she has just watched! Pissed Off & Lonely |Riley's boyfriend took off last night to get beer and never returned. He was out partying without her! WOW, is she ever pissed off when he comes home with one of his friends. She decides to fuck his friend and make him watch. But, next thing you know she's got both holes stuffed with cock. Go figure! |Working A Deal - This little tart finds herself in big trouble when she is caught stealing company funds. It's a good thing she has such an understanding boss who comes to her defense and helps her out of this mess. You can get away with murder when you're young and willing to fuck like crazy!